About us

SamvadaWorld is a media portal in English language with a special focus on International affairs, Geopolitics, Defence and Security.


The world today is at a crossroads. With emergence of a plurality of economic and military powers a bipolar world is being transformed into a multipolar universe. Globalisation, a prescription of the bipolar world to the developing nations, is being viewed as anathema even by the developed countries. Relevance of world bodies and affiliated global organizations is being questioned in the emerging world today. Structural changes to the world bodies are being sought by the new world order that are being established.

The world today needs, more than ever, insights about sustainable developmental models and social values for harmonious living. Equitable prosperity requires not just dismantling barriers to economic activity. Globalization needs to be reinterpreted as ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – scaling up of the family values across the globe. In pursuit of freedom and plurality, and in their protection of interests of every nation, media has a bigger role to play in providing the news and generating views that contribute towards this noble goal.

SamvadaWorld aims to contribute towards this sharing and shaping from a holistically global perspective.


By design, SamvadaWorld is insulated from the pressure points experienced by the present day journalism. Fairness and Sensitivity are qualities of professionals who are behind this initiative. Higher standards of journalism is our commitment.

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