BRICS Foreign Ministers reaffirm commitment to multilateralism, democracy, non-interference in internal affairs of others

| SamvadaWorld Staff

The crucial foreing minister meet of BRICS countries was held on June 1st. The meet chaired by India’s External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar “reaffirmed the principles of non-intervention in the internal affairs of states” and the resolution of international disputes by peaceful means. This was the third time India presided over the BRICS meet after 2012 and 2016.

China and Russia crucially reiterated the importance they attach to the status and role of Brazil, India and South Africa in international affairs and supported the aspiration of these BRICS members to play a greater role in the UN.

The Joint Statement issued at the end of the meeting reaffirmed the “sole authority of the UN Security Council” for imposing sanctions and called for further consolidation and strengthening of the working methods of UN Security Council Sanctions Committees to ensure their effectiveness, responsiveness and transparency.

The Ministers reaffirmed that multilateralism should promote international law, democracy, equity and justice, mutual respect, right to development and non-interference in internal affairs of any country without double standards.

The Ministers reaffirmed their support for a transparent, rules-based, open, inclusive and non-discriminatory multilateral trading system, with the World Trade Organization at its core, and in this regard reiterated their support for the necessary and urgent reform which would inter alia, preserve the centrality, core values and fundamental principles of the WTO, the Joint Statement

The media statement said, the Ministers expressed grave concern over the continuing public health, societal and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic globally.

“They expressed condolences for lives lost and pledged solidarity with the affected families. The Ministers emphasized the value of bilateral and multilateral cooperation among States to combat the pandemic and its impacts effectively”.

The BRICS ministers called for better international preparedness to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and other current and future health challenges, including through mobilization of political support, necessary financial resources, strengthening of local production, transfer of technology, equitable and affordable access to medicines, vaccines,
The meeting was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Ambassador Carlos Alberto Franco França, Russian Minister Sergey Lavrov, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi, and their South African counterpart Grace Naledi Mandisa Pandor are expected to participate.

They strongly condemned the continuing violence in Afghanistan, especially deliberate targeting of civilians by terrorist groups. They called for an immediate, permanent and comprehensive cease-fire. They stressed the urgent necessity of the elimination of the threat of UNSC proscribed terrorist groups to lasting peace in Afghanistan.

The forum pledged to strengthen capacities of individual States and international organizations to better respond to new and emerging, traditional and non- traditional challenges, including those emanating from terrorism, money laundering, cyber-realm, infodemics and fake news.

It said steps ought to be taken to promote international and regional peace and security, social and economic development, and preserve nature’s balance with people- centered international cooperation at its core.

The Ministers recalled the UNGA Resolution 75/1 and reiterated the call for reforms of the principal organs of the United Nations. They recommitted to instill new life in the discussions on reform of the UN Security Council and continue the work to revitalize the General Assembly and strengthen the Economic and Social Council.

Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa extended their full support to India in hosting the 13th BRICS Summit in September 2021 and committed themselves to work together for its fruitful outcomes.

The rotating BRICS Chair will pass on to China in 2022.

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