China encroaching Nepal – One fence at a time!

| SamvadaWorld Staff

A report of a task force instituted by the Nepalese government accuses China of encroaching into its territory. It is the first time there have been official claims from Nepal of Chinese interference in its territory. The nearly 1,400km border between Nepal and China-occupied Tibet was laid out in a series of treaties signed in the early 1960s.

Much of the border between Nepal and China-occupied Tibet is remote and the boundary is demarcated by a chain of pillars, set kilometers apart. The Nepal government sent a task force, consisting of police and government officials, in September 2021 to Humla after reports of Chinese encroachment. The task force found that China had built a series of buildings and fences on the Nepalese side of the border. The task force also found that Chinese security forces had carried out surveillance activities in villages inside Nepal.

The Chinese security forces had further restricted religious activities on the Nepalese side of the border in a place called Lalungjong. The report of the task force also concluded that China had been limiting grazing by Nepalese farmers. In the same area, it found China was building a fence around a border pillar and attempting to construct a canal and a road on the Nepalese side.

The report of the task force recommended Nepalese security forces be stationed in the area to guarantee security. Reports of Chinese encroachment into Nepal have led to several protests in Kathmandu, including the demonstration against China in January. 

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