‘Do Not Touch My Clothes’ – Afghan Women’s Online Campaign Against Taliban Dress Code

Afghan women around the world are protesting Taliban’s new Burkha/Hijab rule. Black burqa has never been a part of the Afghan culture. Women from Afghanistan are posting photos of themselves wearing traditional dresses on social. The online protest with hastags #DoNotTouchMyClothes & #AfghanistanCulture has taken Twitter by storm.

Here are few of the protest messages and images posted on Twitter.

This is the real Afghan culture the Taliban are trying to hide – @tamana_nasir


This is Afghan culture. I am wearing a traditional Afghan dress – Dr. Bahar Jalali (@RoxanaBahar1)

We have our own culture and we will not allow anyone erase it, say Afghan women


This is my traditional Afghani dress and that is my true culture – Wazhma Ayoubi (@WazhmaAyoubi)

I wear my traditional Afghan dress proudly. It’s colourful and beautiful – Tahmina Aziz (@tahmina_aziz)

This is our culture this is our attire. This is how Afghan women dress modest & traditional. Now a ghost culture is being enforced in our country, demoting women to non existing beings – Mariam (@MariamBaraky)


Destruction of the Afghanistan ’s cultural heritage and traditions is a crime not only against the women but against humanity

Beauty of #AfghanistanCulture should not be allowed to erode, emphasize Afghan women.

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