Talibani terrorists forcibly taking away girls as young as 12 to be sex slave ‘wives’ for their fighters: Reports

| SamvadaWorld Staff

As Taliban gains more territory in Afghanistan, its Taliban fighters are going door-to-door and forcibly marrying girls as young as 12 and forcing them into sex slavery as they seize vast swathes of the Afghanistan from government forces, reports Daily Mail.

More distressing in the Daily Mail report is that it says that the Jihadist commanders have ordered imams in areas they have captured to bring them lists of unmarried women aged from 12 to 45  for their soldiers to marry because they view them as ‘qhanimat’ or ‘spoils of war’ – to be divided up among the victors.

It is also reported that Taliban terrorists have then been going door-to-door to claim their ‘prizes’, even looking through the wardrobes of families to establish the ages of girls before forcing them into a life of sexual servitude.

Last month, reports emerged that fighters had ordered imams and tribal elders to prepare lists of all women aged 15 to 45 who were unmarried or widowed so they could be married to their fighters. Columnist Ruth Pollard in her report for Bloomberg said that has now extended down to girls as young as 12.  

‘Now the Taliban are going door-to-door in some areas, compiling lists of women and girls aged between 12 and 45 years for their fighters to forcibly marry,’ she wrote.

In another report in The Guardian, a journalist spoke anonymously for fear the Taliban will find her, saying that her life was upturned in two days as fighters approached her home in the north of the country last week. She described fleeing under the noses of Taliban fighters attacking the city with rockets and rifles, hiding underneath a chadari or full Afghan burqa.

Taliban Advances

The Taliban has now captured nine of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals and placed most of the country’s largest cities under siege in a lightning-fast assault that has seen government forces largely capitulate.

Terrified locals who fled the city of Kunduz – captured by the Taliban last week – have spoken of reprisal attacks carried out by jihadist fighters who hunted down anyone linked to the government and beheaded or executed them.

The fighting has sparked an internal refugee crisis, with many civilians fleeing Afghanistan’s regions to the capital Kabul in the hopes of being protected from the Taliban. Hundreds of thousands of Afghanis have been displaced from their homes in recent weeks by fighting, with fears that could swell to millions if the entire country falls. Displaced Afghans are heading into Kabul from the northern provinces after leaving their homes behind.

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