Dharmic solutions for human challenges in the emerging Digital world

Global history of the last many millennia has seen tectonic shifts and changes in the destiny of humans, spanning explorations, discoveries, wars, disease and violence of the kind never heard of before. Many cultures and so called civilizations have come and gone. New Nations have emerged in the last several centuries, especially in the Western Hemisphere. Today’s Global Structure and Order are uniquely defined by geopolitical events of the last one or two centuries.

One Nation that has been an important player in the human journey of the last several millennia is India, that is Bharat. Ancient Bharat’s experience and pioneering achievements are being discovered and understood by the world even today. A Nation of rich culture, proven economic strength, scientific achievements and people who have shown the world the art of happy and harmonious living, India today stands at an important moment in its history. It’s a promise and potential that needs to be self-realized.

India is resuming its journey of progress and fulfillment after suffering for centuries, massive disruptions and depletion due to invasions and colonization. Today’s India, with one-fifth of the global population and maximum number of youth, is emerging as an acknowledged global leader whose voice is listened to carefully in the corridors of power. But, India’s resumed journey has just begun. It’s a work in progress. As Integral Yogi, Sri. Aurobindo said, “India of the ages is not dead nor has she spoken her last creative word; she lives and has still something to do for herself and the human peoples.”

Human advancement in the last few centuries has been outstanding in terms of scientific discoveries, inventions, attainment of individual prosperity by hundreds of millions, especially in the Western world, global connectivity and the digital revolution of the last few decades. But, there are monumental challenges as well. The problems of the world today are not due to lack of resources, lack of scientific progress, technological innovation or mass production on an industrial scale. Most Nations of the world know how to achieve these aspects. While some are still left out, many have already achieved the same. The problems relate to the challenges thrown up by these very achievements. Today, the world is battling with problems of a different nature – be it global warming and environmental pollution, work-life imbalance, abject poverty in a sea of prosperity, urban chaos, shrinking and breaking down of families, loneliness and depression in a connected, globalised world as well as lack of good educational and economic opportunities to all irrespective of their station in life.

The above challenges cannot be solved by mere application of more technology and spending of more resources. What is needed is a new mindset which focuses on balance, conservation, restraint and responsibility, while achieving abundance and excellence. The quintessential Indian concept of Dharma provides for such a mindset. Dharma regulates individual behavior and choices so that the global optimum is achieved in all respects. It is flexible, dynamic and all pervading. What India needs to show to the world is the successful application of Dharma in all conduct of human affairs. Dharma is the savior in the Data-driven, digitally connected world.

India needs to demonstrate this through action in the new millennium.
Can India’s tech-savvy present and future generations demonstrate the value of Dharma even as they embrace modernity, progress and prosperity? An affirmative answer to the above question would pave the way for India’s pre-eminence in the future world. It will also mean a more balanced, happy and harmonious existence for all the citizens of the world. That would fulfil the purpose and promise of India, that is Bharat, which has always considered the world as one family, Vasudaiva Kutumbakam and life as a journey of Self-realisation and fulfilment. Let us hope the promise and potential of India is realized in the coming generations and the world becomes a joyous place to live in for all its citizens.

(Author is a Data Scientist, an experienced professional with academic background in physics and aerospace engineering)

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  1. Insightful. Best brains of Bharath rooted in Dharma should be more vocal and active on creating institutions and platforms for “Dharma” to find it’s fullest expression.

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