Why Must Everyone Watch The Movie ‘Swatantra Veer Savarkar’

  • We must be thankful to Randeep Hooda for making the effort not just to clear misconceptions about Savarkar but for making us understand the chronic issues afflicting the country and remaining unresolved.

It’s imperative for those who are anywhere close to the cause of Hindutva to watch and understand why a system was so criminal that it undermined a man and his heroic efforts against the British Crown and its colonial system. Savarkar is not just a man of agitation. He was one of those who staked everything for the motherland. In his own ways, he made sure that the British feared when they were ruling. It is a testament to the many revolutionaries in India, both communists as well as socialists who were inspired by him and his writings. 

When I was exploring the political and philosophical aspects of the country during college, it was the ‘Essence of Hindutva’ that opened doors for me. Veer Savarkar is one of the very few individuals whose history and writings brought me out of being a snooty liberal and gave me some push to question those who called him a supporter of rape, an apologist of the British and a supporter of partition. All of this was a concocted plan to undermine someone who saw years ahead of the times he was in.

From China to the Muslims in the British army going to Pakistan and the misuse of the freedom movement by the Congress, Savarkar has envisioned and cautioned us on them. A contemporary of Barrister Gandhi and the Doctor of Philosophy, Ambedkar, he differed with them on many issues but was never against them in a personal capacity. His family suffered untold miseries, but they stood by him and his trials of life until the age of 82 when he died by fasting.

I had to fight with others to dispel the misconceptions surrounding him. But now I don’t have to because Randeep Hooda took it to himself and showed Savarkar’s life brilliantly in every important aspect. It is truly one of the best films I have seen in this genre, and I will always be thankful to him for making it despite all sorts of problems he had to face. If anyone asks, I will always vouch for this film for not just clearing misconceptions about Savarkar but for making us understand chronic issues afflicting the country that remain unresolved.

In one such scene, where he loses his elder brother, he asks, “Will anyone even remember us in the future?

Instinctively, I said while watching it.

We will never forget you.” 

For, I promise in my capacity that we will remember his vision of Akhand Bharat.

It will be formed again. No matter how many years it takes. 🚩

(Anhad Jakhmola is a postgraduate scholar in international relations. He has his undergraduate degree in history and is pursuing his Ph.D. in Defence and Strategic Studies. He is a columnist for many portals and is a keen public speaker in debates and discussions. Views expressed are author’s own)

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2 thoughts on “Why Must Everyone Watch The Movie ‘Swatantra Veer Savarkar’”
  1. The Congress and the Marxists have for decades hidden the true history of the independence movement. Savarkar and many like him were responsible for the British to finally vacate India. The movie captures this truth, and the review perfectly summarizes the intent of the movie.

  2. Wonderful review, short and captures the essence of Randeep Hooda’s great effort. Most of us know the truth about Savarkar’s life and his sacrifices but the movie takes this to the larger common audience who have been fed misinformation about the great freedom fighter for nefarious purposes.

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