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Samskritam – Bharat’s Identity and Unifier of People & Traditions
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Samskritam – Bharat’s Identity and Unifier of People & Traditions

Samskritam has been a significant influence in shaping our identity as a country.
The very fact that our motto is the Samskrit- derived maxim “Satyameva Jayate” makes it evident.
A stereotype exists that Samskritam is only a language for chanting mantras on occasions.
A huge segment of the Samskrit literature deals with science, mathematics, tarkashastra, law, philosophy, and many more things.
Dr Ambedkar had proposed that Samskritam be our National language.
Dr Ambedkar had foreseen that, in the future, linguistic fights may occur in this diverse environment and the best Indian language that could prevent these had to be Samskritam.
Samskritam is still a prominent, nation uniting language and can be the common language connecting people across the country.
On this auspicious occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti, it’s important for us to know and acknowledge the efforts made by Dr Ambedkar in reviving the identity, the culture, and Samskritam.