Pakistan signs MoU with China to enhance ‘defence ties’

Pakistan and China on Monday inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for enhancement of defence cooperation between the armies of the two countries, reports Dawn. The MoU was signed during the visit of China’s Defence Minister and PLA (People’s Liberation Army) General Fenghe to Pakistan.

The details of the MoU was not revealed by either of the sides. The press release by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said that the MoU was signed for enhancement of defence cooperation between both the Armies. The MoU was signed at the headquarters of the Pakistani army at Rawalpindi where General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of the Army Staff of Pakistan was also present.

The statement said that China and Pakistan also discussed ongoing projects under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (EPEC) in which the Pakistani military is playing a ‘significant role’. Gen. Wei’s visit comes after recelty appointed Chinese envoy to Pakistan Nong Rong conducted a “comprehensive review” of the CPEC projects with former Pakistan Army Lt. Gen. Asim Saleen Bajwa who is the head of CPEC authority. The CPEC passes through Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir and China Occupied Ladakh territories.

General Fenghe had visited Nepal a day earlier where he met Nepal Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli and had discussed issues of ‘mutual interest’.

China – Pakistan Defence Deals

Pakistan is manufacturing Al Khalid-1 tanks at Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) with Chinese assistance

China quest to position itself as the fifth largest global arms exporter is bolstered by increasing military ties with Pakistan. China is Pakistan’s largest defence supplier. Beijing has continued to sell some of its most powerful weapons to Pakistan. Defence experts opine that the increased defence ties between the two countries is to counter India in a two-front war. Here are few key military equipment that China has supplied to Pakistan or is helping in producing the same.


  1. Al Khalid-1: Pakistan is manufacturing 110x Al Khalid-1 tanks at Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) with Chinese assistance at the scale of 22 tanks/year.
  2. T-85 Up-gradation: Asia Pacific Department of China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) has submitted the quotations for up-gradation and rebuild of 90 x T85-IIAP tanks to HITTaxila.
  3. VT-4 Tanks: Pakistan Army plans to induct 360 x new MBTs. China’s VT-4 is in contention for this major contract and has participated for trials in 2015 & in Jul and Aug 2017.


  1. 155/52 mm caliber Mounted Gun System (MGS): Pakistan Army is evaluating the Chinese Track Mounted Gun SH-15 gun. Pak has already procured 36 SH-1 MGS and is likely to procure 36 more MGS in the near future.
  2. Re-lifing of A-100 MLRS: M/s ALIT, China has forwarded technical proposal to GHQ Rawalpindi for re-lifing for 1st & 2nd battery of A-100 MLRS in Dec 2019 and Mar 2022.

Naval Vessels

  1. Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) Submarines: Pakistan has contracted 8 Yuan Class AIP Conventional Submarines from China in 2015 at an estimated cost of US $ 4.8 billion.
  2. Construction of VLF Station: The construction of Pakistan Navy VLF station under Project-333 is under construction at Turbat by M/s PTI, China since 2011.
  3. Construction of Fast Attack Craft (Missile): Pak Navy has already procured 02 X FAC (M) from China between 2011-14 at an estimated cost of $43.5 million.
  4. F-22P Frigates: Pak Navy had procured 04 x Jiangwei-Il Class F-22 Frigates from China between 2009-13. Pak Navy is progressing construction of 04 x additional F-22 Frigates (Batch II) of the same class under transfer of technology. .
  5. FN-16 for Navy: Pak Navy plans to procure 100 X FN-16 SHORADS Surface to Air (SAM) missiles from M/S ALIT, China at a cost of US $ 13.256 million.
Chinese made JF-17 is part of Pakistan’s Air Force

Air Force

  1. JF-17 Project: Block-1 construction (50 x aircraft) completed. Construction of Block-11 (50 x aircraft) under progress since December 2013. The same will replace PAF Mirage and F-7P aircraft of PAF.
  2. Z-10ME Helicopters. PA had received 03 x Z-10 helicopters from China for trials/ use in counter-terrorist operations in FATA region

Nuclear Cooperation

  1. China has been providing nuclear assistance to Pak under the Grand Father Clause to circumvent the NSG restrictions.
  2. It has been undertaking construction of Nuclear Power Projects at Khushab (KCP-III & IV not covered under IAEA safeguards), Karachi (K-2 & K- 3) and Chashma (C-3 & 4) with Chinese assistance.
  3. China is also assessed to be assisting Pakistan in development of Tactical Nuclear Weapons based on Plutonium Based Warheads.


Aprt from the above key equipment, China is also helping Pakistan in satellite navigation, remote sensing, supplying missiles, UAVs, and Air Defence systems.

(Reference: IndiaTV News)

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