India and Greece: A Growing Partnership in Air Power and Beyond

  • India and Greece, two nations rich in history and culture, have embarked on a new chapter of collaboration in the field of air force cooperation.
  • In recent years, both countries have recognized the mutual benefits of enhancing their strategic ties, particularly in the realm of defence and security.
  • This growing partnership holds immense potential for bolstering regional stability, fostering technological advancements, and promoting joint military exercises. 

Enhancing India-Greece Collaboration in Air Force

The strengthening of India-Greece collaboration in the air force sector can be attributed to the robust strategic dialogue between the two countries. High-level visits, including meetings between military officials and defence ministers, have played a crucial role in deepening the understanding and trust between the armed forces of both nations. These dialogues have paved the way for meaningful exchanges, knowledge sharing, and joint training programs.

Given this, the Chief of the General Staff of the Greek Armed Forces, Konstantinos Floros, recently had a telephone conversation with the Chief of the General Staff of the Indian Armed Forces, General Anil Chauhan. Various series of discussions were held on the geopolitical domain, the circumstances in Ukraine, and the defiance posed by the increase in the number of refugees. The interchange of views and ideas happened around the factors of strengthening bilateral cooperation between India and Greece. 

Floros also condemned the security challenges witnessed by Greece because of its revisionist proneness and infuriating conduct in the country. He highlighted the important role played by the Greek Armed Forces in subsidizing the stabilization efforts of the country.  He had also engrossed in the significance of bilateral, tripartite, and multilateral cooperation that Greece has prospered with Balkan countries, most Arab nations, Israel, and others. This web of relations seeks to foster peace and stability in the region. 

Regarding bilateral military cooperation, Floros conveyed his acknowledgement of the continuous strengthening of ties between the armed forces of India and Greece. Both countries have been working together in joint exercises, training programs, and reciprocal visits by military delegations. He specifically gave his regard to General Chauhan for his invitation extended to the Greek Air Force to partake in an upcoming Indian Armed Forces exercise which is scheduled for September 2023. He specified India’s participation in the ‘INIOCHOS’ exercises, a sequence of military drills where Indian Su-30 A/F aircraft are expected to be taking part for the first time. 

The two countries have shared values and similar stances on international issues, and there is a desire to enhance commercial, investment, and cultural ties. Military cooperation is also strengthening, with both countries participating in joint exercises and training programs. These developments signify a positive trajectory in India-Greece collaboration.

Apart from this, technological cooperation is a crucial aspect of the growing India-Greece collaboration in the air force sector. Both countries have recognized the importance of harnessing advanced technologies and innovations to meet evolving security challenges. Information sharing, research and development collaborations, and joint projects in areas such as aerospace engineering, unmanned aerial systems, and defence electronics are being explored. These initiatives not only contribute to the modernisation of air forces but also promote economic growth through technology transfer and industrial cooperation. 

A Look at the Past, Present, and Future of India-Greece Relations

India and Greece have a long and deep relationship that dates back to antiquity. Their bond has strengthened in modern times based on shared values of democracy, peace, development, justice, and equality. Both countries also have similar stances on various international issues.

Over the past 65 years, bilateral relations have progressed smoothly, with regular visits by high-ranking officials. There is a strong desire to enhance commercial and investment ties, and Greece is seeking Indian investments for the privatization of public assets. While the investments in each other’s countries are not significant, there is a lot of growth potential. Greek companies have shown interest in doing business in India, and Indian entrepreneurs have actively participated in the Thessaloniki International Fair.

Bilateral trade has increased since the 2017-18 projects, joint ventures, and expanding trade. Greece exports items such as cotton, scrap metal, marble, granite, aluminium foils, calcium carbonate, kiwi fruits, and greasy wool to India. India’s exports to Greece include petroleum products, automobile components, vehicles, flat rolled steel items, sesame seeds, frozen prawns/shrimps and squid, cashew nuts, coffee, nucleic acids, and soybean oilcake.

Cultural relations between India and Greece are fostered through various organizations and activities. Several unofficial Greek centres in India promote Indian culture. Approximately 10,000 Indian nationals reside in Greece, primarily working in agriculture, factories, construction, and small entrepreneurship. The Indian community in Greece maintains good relations with the local Greek community.

In conclusion, the collaboration between India and Greece in the field of air force cooperation represents a significant step forward in their bilateral relations. The technological cooperation initiatives further contribute to modernisation and economic growth. The shared values, similar stances on international issues, and growing commercial and investment ties lay a solid foundation for the future of India-Greece relations. With a rich historical bond and a shared vision for the future, the collaboration between India and Greece is poised to strengthen further and contribute to regional stability and prosperity.


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