Similar values, geopolitical interests increasing coordination and cooperation between US and India: PM Modi

By SamvadaWorld Staff Sep24,2021

PM Modi met US Vice President Kamala Harris and held discussion on various issues during the 2nd day of his US visit. Addressing the press, PM Modi in his opening remarks said that India and the United States are the world’s largest democracy and the oldest democracy and are natural partners. “We have similar values, similar geopolitical interests and also our coordination and cooperation is continuously increasing”, he said.

India and the US relations are very vibrant with strong people to people connections. “More than 4 million people of Indian origin, the Indian community is a bridge between our two countries, a bridge of friendship and their contribution to the economies and societies of both our countries is indeed very praiseworthy”, he said.

Mentioning that the political journey and ride of Kamala Harris to the post of VP as an inspiration, PM Modi said that she being elected as the Vice President of the United States of America itself has been such an important and historic event. “You are the source of inspiration for so many people across the world. I am completely confident that under President Biden and your leadership, our bilateral relationship will touch new heights”, he said.

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