Effective multilateral system underpinned by principles of openness, transparency and accountability need of the hour, say G7 and Guest Countries

In a statement issued after the 2 sessions held in the backdrop of the G7 summit in UK, the leaders of G7 along with leaders of India, Australia, the Republic of Korea, South Africa, European Union, reaffirmed their belief in open societies, democratic values and multilateralism as foundations for dignity, opportunity and prosperity for all.

The Open Socities Statement also called for Human rights for all, Democracy, Social inclusion, Gender equality, FoE and rule of law.

The statement specifically called for an effective multilateral system underpinned by principles of openness, transparency and accountability, including access to free and fair, rules-based trade, as well as collaboration on global challenges, including COVID-19 immunisation, for the good of all.

In promotoion of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the G7 plus statement highlighted the importance of civic space and partnership with diverse, independent and pluralistic civil societies, including human rights defenders.

“These founding values define our inclusive way of life and benefit our people. Fundamental freedoms empower people and inspire the innovation and ingenuity needed to maximise opportunities, tackle shared challenges and drive progress for the world. Openness encourages collaboration that delivers better outcomes than any nation could achieve alone”, it said.

The G7+ noted that the world today is facing threats to freedom and democracy from rising authoritarianism, electoral interference, corruption, economic coercion, manipulation of information, including disinformation, online harms and cyber attacks, politically motivated internet shutdowns, human rights violations and abuses, terrorism and violent extremism.

In light of these common threats, the G7+ called on partners to Strengthen open societies globally by:

  • Protecting civic space and media freedom, promoting freedom of expression,
  • Continue to exchange information and coordinate effective responses to shared threats to human rights, democracy and the rule of law,
  • Promote economic openness and resilience and oppose economic coercion by reasserting our shared economic model,
  • Prevent and tackle corruption and illicit financial flows and promote integrity, transparency and accountability,
  • Promote respect for internationally accepted norms that drive inclusivity and protect digital civic-space,
  • Prioritise gender equality, women’s empowerment and the full enjoyment of human rights for women and girls
  • Collaborate on science-based responses to global challenges and drive innovation
  • Reinforce commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 16 to ‘Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies’
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