Chinese Military Scientists Discussed Man-Made Coronavirus Attack Years Before COVID-19 Pandemic

By SamvadaWorld Staff May11,2021 #SARS

Chinese military scientists in 2015 detailed a plot to unleash a bioengineered SARS coronavirus to cause mass terror and advance the communist regime’s global political ambitions, reports Epoch Times.

These newly uncovered revelations come amid intensifying scrutiny over the possibility that the COVID-19 pandemic originated from a laboratory leak in Wuhan, an institute that has collaborated with the Chinese military.

The reports states that Chinese military scientists’ theories were detailed in a 2015 book, first reported recently by News Corp’s The Australian. The scientists advocated for the weaponization of pathogens, including SARS coronaviruses, to “cause terror and gain political and strategic advantage” over an enemy state.

The SARS epidemic from 2002 to 2003 infected 2,769 and killed 425 people outside of mainland China, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). Experts say the numbers inside China are likely much higher than officially reported.

The 261-page book titled “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Genetic Weapons Based on Man-Made Viruses,” was published in February 2015 by the Military Medical Science Press, a publishing house owned by the Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

“The development of bioweapons has entered into an unprecedented new stage in history,” the authors wrote.

The authors went on to implore Chinese experts to “understand and pay attention to contemporary genetic weapons” for any possible future wars, including in the advent of a third world war.

The “contemporary genetic weapons” the authors wrote about refers to using experimental biotechnology and animal testing to modify the genes of pathogens, which could be tailored to target the specific genetic traits of enemy populations.

Deploying such bioweapons would be more advantageous than using conventional warfare and military actions, the authors argued, because military moves can be traced back to the state and result in international condemnation.

Genetic weapons, on the other hand, “can be concealed [in deployment] and it is hard finding evidence against them,” the authors wrote.

“Even in the face of academic, virological, or animal evidence, [one can] deny, prevent [someone from raising the issue], suppress [possible accusations], leaving international organizations and righteous people helpless.”

Xu Dezhong, one of the two editors-in-chief of the book, was an analyst for China’s national SARS prevention and treatment team at that time. His duties also included reporting to China’s top military command, the Chinese Military Commission, according to Baike, a Wikipedia-like platform run by Chinese search engine Baidu.

The other editor-in-chief was Li Feng, who was deputy chief of the bureau of epidemic prevention at the PLA’s Logistics Department. It is unclear if Li still holds this position.

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