Texas Bridge Migrant Fiasco – Biden administration blamed for its lackadaisical attitude

By SamvadaWorld Staff Sep24,2021

Over 15,000 migrants have been stuck under the overpass in Del Rio, Texas for several days. The migrants mostly Haitians are living in squalid conditions and are running out of food and water. Videos of the migrants living in poor condition have been doing rounds on social media.

Observers say that the DHS has failed to provide sufficient supplies including daily use items to the migrants. With hundreds more expected to cross over, a humanitarian disaster is waiting to happen.

Role of the Biden administration and the US media under the scanner

With the crisis threatening to grow into a humanitarian disaster, the lack of preparedness and lackadaisical attitude of the Biden administration is under the scanner. Biden administration is accused of opening up the border without proper arrangements for the migrants and lack of preparation to vet the influx of refugees.

The Biden administration is also accused of suppressing the news of the fiasco. A drone of Fox News was allegedly forced by the Border Patrol to be put down when it was relaying visuals from the site.

Apart from this, the US government is accused of quietly placing the migrants in unmarked buses and sent to other parts of the US without intimating the residents.

Now, the residents are questioning the need for secrecy in issues of national security. Concerned citizens are begging Biden to rescue their towns from ‘invasion’. The mayor of Del Rio urged President Biden to address the migrant crisis urgently.

Local reports from Texas say that two immigration officials have resigned due to the heavy burden of vetting the immigrants. The officials who were already under the burden of scrutinizing the immigrants and asylum seekers from Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover, have now been forced to verify these fresh inflow of thousands of immigrants at the Del Rio border.

Biden Harris were critical of former president Trump’s ‘illiberal’ immigration policy, which called for stopping all forms of immigration into the US for a certain time, and supported immigration during their campaign. But once in power, they now say that “the US borders are not open” and have urged the immigrants to not make the difficult trek only to be rejected and sent back!

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